Sensodyne Interactive Building Projection

South Africa’s first interactive Building Projection

Black Media developed an Augmented Reality activation where a person from the public could punch a punching ball and however hard they punched, various parts of the building fell down and rebuilt, reflecting the brands strap line; “Repairs & Protects”

We mapped the building and rebuilt it in 3d animation brick by brick then coded it into the Augmented reality interface with the result that you have just seen or going to watch

Black Media oversaw the production and brought musical genius, Markus Wormstorm into the creative team to engineer something simply described by most onlookers and attendees as ‘damn cool’.

As far as I am aware this is the first Augmented Reality instance of video mapping done on the continent.

The impact alone is enough to cheer about for pieces of media such as this. It goes to show that once again, choosing the right people for the job is essential. As our technical developer said, there are not many brains in the country capable of putting this together.