Studio Masson 2020/21 season

We were tasked by S Squared productions with producing a premiere online show with high quality video inserts deserving of the premium tier brand of Studio Masson. Black Media translated the creative with our client S Squared and treated the production as if for TV and the results showed.

Black Media Managing Director Andrew Black, directed the shoot and post production while the Black Media production team supplied all gear and crew for the production.

Born from a passion for all that is innovative, driven by the pursuit of absolute aesthetic beauty, combined with more than twenty years of expertise – Studio Masson proudly presents its selection of the finest range of Italian and European porcelain tiles and slabs to South Africa.

We believed that the South African market needed truly exceptional and innovative products. Products that would offer the architects and designers the opportunity to stretch the boundaries of what they though were possible with porcelain and glass products, and the home owner an showroom environment showcasing endless possibilities and ideas with products that truly stand out from the norm.