CANEX – Creative African Nexus

Creative African Nexus (CANEX) was a project spanning over 18 months culminating in a conference which took place in Durban in November 2021. The conference was part of the International African Trade Fair, IATF which saw over 20 heads of state attending. CANEX was there to initiate the vision of AFREXIM Bank which is to develop the platform for the success of creative industries within Africa

Black Media was appointed as the video production and technical supplier company to the project.

Social Media

We supplied social media content every month to create momentum for the event and introduce brand consistancey


We created shot and produced a 30 and 60 sec TVC in 4 languages English, French, Portuguese and Arabic. The TVC was seen across the African continent

Screen graphics & Supporting videos

We built a library of content supporting the Corporate identity of the event that we carried through from the TVC and social media. The strength of carrying the media CI through the line allowed delegates to instantly recognise and continue their brand journey

We created screen looks, introductions for each panelist, speaker or performer and opening video scene setters


We designed a stage that would accommodate the many varied performances it would have to host, from fashion to live music to VR it had to do it all. We made the stairs much lager so the it could host a choir if needed and for fashion poses too.

The fully digital set made it very easy to vary the look and feel between sessions and segments